Bamboo-fiber Premium Fine Art Paper

Our Bamboo-fiber Premium Fine Art Paper has a basis weight of 290 gsm along with a thickness of 19.7 mil for a good weight and feel. This is a natural white surface paper with high 99% opacity. Additionally, it is acid free, and does not use any optical brightening agents for maximum longevity. It renders very rich blacks and bright colors while maintaining a vintage look. Being a matte paper, glare is almost non-existant

Our materials are subject to change.

Care of Premium Paper Prints

The printed surface of the Premium Fine Art Paper is relatively durable, resistant to fingerprints and moisture. The ink is not water soluble. That said, you should handle these prints with care as they may be susceptible to scuffing in heavy black areas. Subtly appearing while the print lies flat, this phenomenon is minimized when the print is viewed on a wall.

For maximum life we recommend framing with UV protecting glass or Plexiglas and avoiding placement of the print in direct sunlight.

IMPORTANT page Specifications for Premium Fine Art Paper prints

Images printed on paper will be smaller than the page size specified. The paper will have approximately 1.5 inches of white unprinted margin to aid in handling and framing. The image will be printed as large as possible to fill the selected size while leaving this small margin. Different images have different aspect ratios. This means that some images are different shapes than others.

Our sizes:
12 x 16 inches print size, image measures approximately 10 x 14 inches
17 x 22 inches print size, image measures approximately 14 x 19 inches
18 x 24 inches print size, image measures approximately 15 x 21 inches
24 x 32 inches print size, image measures approximately 21 x 29 inches

Our Digital Printing Process

Our images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. Utilizing a professional 12-Color ink-jet printer, this printing process is designed to offer a large, bright color gamut while achieving archivability of over 100 years in gallery conditions. The process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction and quality that rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes. This process produces the same prints commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries.