Fine Art Prints & Posters

Pacifica is proud to present a large variety of collectible Fine Art Prints, often known as Giclée Art Prints, and Art Posters. We feature Contemporary Hawaiian Art & Photography as well as Vintage Hawaiiana drawn from museum archives and private collections.
We also offer a selection of Vintage Airline, Travel and other posters from around the World dating back to the 1920's- 1960's.

We use a CRUSE Scanner to scan original Vintage art of the period at high resolution. Afterwards we perform digital restorations and color corrections in order to bring these often stained, damaged or faded works back to their original glory.
For the production of Giclée Art Prints, we use a State-of-the-art 10-color Fine Art Epson Large Format Printer and print on Premium Heavyweight paper using Archival Quality Pigmented Inks.
According to tests by the independent Premium Wilhelm Reasearch Institute this process ensures unparalleled color vibrancy, prevents fading, and guarantees lifelong enjoyment!

All images are available in the following sizes:

Paper Fine Art Prints:  11" x 14",   16" x 20",   18" x 24",   20" x 26",   24" x 32"  and  30" x 44".

Canvas Art Prints:  15" x 18",   20" x 24",   24" x 30"  and  31" x 44".

Premium Paper Art Prints: are available in  12" x 16",   17" x 22",   18" x 24"  and  24" x 32".

Rice Paper Art Prints: are available in  12" x 16",   17" x 22",   18" x 24"  and  24" x 32"  printed on Premium Washi Unryu Rice Paper.

Metal Posters Tin Signs: are available in  8" x 12".

Wood Signs: are available in  8" x 12"  printed on sustainable Basswood.

We also offer the images as Prints that we produce on a CANON-750 Digital Printer (only on paper):

Digital Master Art Posters are available in  9" x 12",   10" x 14",   12" x 18"  and  13" x 19"  format only.