Nichola Moss Portrait

Nichola Moss is a Maui, Hawaii Artist who was born on Christmas Day in 1947. Named after St. Nicholas, people are attracted to Nikki Moss for the same reason they are attracted to her art. Both Moss and her imaginative art exude an otherworldly quality - sometimes reflective and devotional, and sometimes whimsical and droll.
Maui Artist Nikki Moss began painting seriously at the age of 16 when her father presented her with a set of paints. In 1966 she studied painting at the Aspen Institute of Art and from there she went on to the Colorado Women's College. Using acrylics and oils, Moss works with a lush palette of saturated colors.
In 1979, Nikki moved to Hawaii where her creative spirit soared. "Color has always been by guide and inspiration. In Hawaii, the combination of humidity and tropical sunlight turns everything into a rainbow if you look carefully."

"Moss has followed her imagination into her art and soul sharing them with us in a quiet moving way. These are pieces of art which achieve the purpose of art. The paintings stand alone as objects not representations of other things. They involve the viewer. Color and imagination combine with numerous archtypical symbols that are honest, approachable and inviting. If you want to understand what art as healing is about please see the art work of Nikki Moss. She is a master of her medium and her paintings are a fearless, expressive and receptive articulation of the language of the soul."

Excerpt from the Maui, Hawaii Island Current Arts and Culture section, article by Sue Nash

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