In memory of Alan Houghton, Legendary Photographer



We are sad to let you know that Alan Houghton passed away. According to his wishes Pacifica will continue to publish a selection of his hula kahiko (ancient hula) photographs on cards and as prints. As a tribute we are posting a some biographical notes about Alan’s life and work.


Alan has been a photographer for more than half a century, twenty years of which he spent in Hollywood. Hollywood was the base from which he traveled all over the globe (27 countries, as he proudly told me), photographing actresses and models for newspapers and magazines. His work has appeared on over three hundred magazine covers, and includes portraits of celebrities such as Gina Lollobrigida, Demi Moore, Courtney Cox and Kim Basinger.

London born, Alan has also had his own portrait studio in Vancouver, Canada, did some acting in Rome, Italy, and was the co-creator of an NBC television series in 1992. After regular visits to Hawaii during the seventies, he became enthralled by the beauty and culture of the islands, and moved to Honolulu with his wife, Jean. During this time he created an award winning collection of the hula kahiko (ancient hula). 72 pieces of this portfolio hang at the ‘Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel’ in Honolulu.

A selection of 16 pieces have been acquired by the ‘Rare Collections Library’ at the University of Hawaii. Alan favored the traditional artisan way of photography. He hand made all of his Fine Art Photographs himself, in his own darkroom. Besides the hula and  glamor photography Alan enjoyed photographing the nude female body.

Alan was a creative and kind man with a great sense of humor. He is missed but his work will live on.

Pacifica Island Art publishes a selection Alan’s photographs in various product lines and formats from 4″X6″ postcards all the way up to 20″X28″ Giclée Art Prints.


Dance of the Turtles

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  1. Jodi Kaopuiki says:


    I am friends of Jean and Alan and had the privilege of working with him many times. The last I spoke with Jean was right after the new year, we were supposed to get together, but Alan was too sick. I had never heard back and for the past couple months tried to call but no answer. I had a feeling something had happened. I just came across your blog and saw that he had passed. Im so sad and was wondering if you know if Jean is still on the island or did she return to London. Any info you have I will greatly appreciate. I want to get a hold of Jean if possible. Thank you so much and for posting a great blog about Alan. He was great to work with and will be missed.

    Jodi Kaopuiki(dancer in your last pic”turtle”)

  2. Iria Sugitani says:

    Iria Sugitani


    We terribly sadden by the passing of Alan Houghton.
    My husband and I are very good friends of the Houghtons, and every year we used to receive their Christmas card. But this time we did not receive their card, and our card came back (with no forwarding address). And then we realized something was really wrong.

    Please kindly let JEAN know that I am trying to get in touch with her!

    My telephone number: (503)954-2546 Portland, Oregon

    4862 SW Laurelwood Ave.,
    Portland, Oregon – 97225

  3. Chris Wilson says:

    A message for Jean.
    Dear Jean,
    my deapest condolence to you, we had a feeling when no letter form you and then xmas card was returned. Please contact us Jean with your contact details so we can call or write to you.
    All our love Chris & Anoma.

  4. Peggy Dattilo says:

    I too was a long time friend of Jean and Alan and just read this post announcing his passing. Jean must be lost. Is there a way to contact her? I would love to speak with her…
    Peggy Dattilo
    815-936-9559 Bourbonnais, Illinois 60914

  5. Aloha,I just discovered this blog about Alan. I was very close friends with Alan and Jeannie Houghton. I did notice interest in contacting Jeannie. Unfortunately, Jeannie passed away 5 months after Alan with terminal brain cancer. They are together in the afterlife as they were inseparable in this life.

  6. Heidi Lee Hart says:

    Aloha Jean, News travels slow to Kona please contact me (808) 938-9536 Heidi Lee Hart

  7. Heidi Lee Hart says:

    Jus read the post that jean died. I am Heidi Lee Hart “Offering to Pele” & “Moon Dancer” … I have a photo release from them & was just letting jean know I was using one of my pix on my hula video. I am sorry to hear they both passed. Alan was sick wen i last saw them & ate scones … they were very kind people. Aloha Pumehana

  8. Patrycja Sosnowska says:

    I’ve just found out that I seem to own an original photograph with signature from this amazing collection!
    This is extraordinary because I’ve picked it up for free at my local carboot!
    Can someone contact me please on my email and possibly give me some more information please?

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