N E W !! Giclée Prints by Tiki artist Brad Parker in ARTISTS SHOWCASE section!

Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker

Brad used to work in Hollywood producing storyboards and illustrations until he decided to transition into fine art.He spent every red cent he had, and moved to the Big Island to be near the burning hot lava that spawned the birth of “Tiki” art hundreds of years ago. During the 1950’s tiki art washed tsunami-like onto American shores as “Hawaiiana”, and again as “Tiki Culture” in current hipster-kitsch vernacular.

“What I create has little to do with traditional Hawaiian art, or the art most galleries in Hawaii show: tourist art of dolphins, and seascapes. What I do is Polynesian pop-surrealistic art. Living and making art on the edge of this volcano, I witness the natural beauty, the cataclysmic clash of cultures, and the strange devolution of primitive art into kitsch and evolving back up again into Modern Pop Art and yet again into my own personal obsession.”

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