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Bermuda - Woman on Bicycle

Adolph Treidler

11" x 14" Giclée Art Print

DISPLAYING: 11" x 14" Giclée Art Print

11" x 14" Giclée Art Print
ADOLPH TREIDLER (1886-1981) was an American artist and magazine illustrator. The creator of many U.S. Treasury Department, War Bond, and War Stamp Sales Posters, "Arguably the nation's most outstanding poster artist!"
Treidler studied at the California School of Design in San Francisco. He first illustrated for McClure's magazine in 1908, then made pictures or cover designs for Harper's, Century, Scribner's, Collier's The Saturday Evening Post, Woman's Home Companion and ads for many national notable advertisers. Adolph Treidler produced many beautiful travel poster for the Bermuda Board of Trade. He created approximately 20 dynamic posters for the U.S. Government across both World Wars.
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