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Edward McKnight Kauffer

11" x 14" Fine Art Print

DISPLAYING: 11" x 14" Fine Art Print

11" x 14" Fine Art Print
Edward McKnight-Kauffer (1910-1954)
At the age of twenty Edward McKnight-Kauffer moved to San Francisco working as a bookseller and studying art at the California School of Design. At around this time Professor Joseph McKnight of the University of Utah became aware of Kauffer's work made the funds available to send him to Paris and further his skills. In gratitude Kauffer took his sponsor's name as his middle name. Kauffer moved to London upon the start of the 1st World War, and he remained there for most of his career. Kauffer may be best known for the 140 posters that he produced for London Underground, and later London Transport. He also designed posters for Shell Oil and other commercial clients, illustrated a variety of books and book covers. At the beginning of the 2nd World War he returned to New York City where he created posters for Pan American Airlines as well as a series of posters for American Airlines. American Airlines remained his primary client until his death in 1954.
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